Who may apply for a grant:

Groups and organisations performing a community service by:

  • Contribution to community well-being;
  • Promoting education and learning;
  • Offering activities and services for the benefit of the community; or
  • Giving time and resources to alleviate social problems.

These groups and organisations should be:

  • An incorporated society;
  • A registered charitable trust; or
  • A body (or club) controlled by an association of persons under an adopted constitution and rules with audited accounts and an annual report.

General information:

Organisations can apply only once within a 12 month period.

The Trust frequently seeks additional information from you by letter, email or phone.

Applicants will generally be expected to have undertaken fund raising of their own towards the cost of the project.

The organisation must use the grant for the purpose for which it has applied and be spent within that financial year. If an extension is required, written permission must be obtained from the trust.

Trust grants should be acknowledged as a separate item in your organisation’s annual accounts.

For further requirements/criteria please download the trust’s Grants Policy as above.

Projects not eligible include:

  • Endowments or a capital fund;
  • Completed or retrospective projects;
  • Commercial organisations or groups operating for private profit; or
  • Projects which the Trustees consider are the primary responsibility of local or central government.

The Trust will generally NOT contribute to:

  • Promotion or benefit of an individual;
  • Salaries, wages;
  • Overseas travel;
  • Motor vehicles; or
  • Travel costs – exceptions can be made in special circumstances where the impact of that travel will be of major benefit to the region.
Apply for a Grant:
Grant Categories:

So that grants reach as many people as possible, the Trust donates under six broad categories:

  • Art & Culture;
  • Community well-being;
  • Education;
  • Health;
  • Sport & Recreation; &
  • Youth.
Closing Dates:

The trust has two grant rounds with applications closing on:

  • 30th APRIL and
  • 31st OCTOBER

Applications will be considered at each full meeting of the Trust board following the closing dates of grants.

Grant Accountability & Evaluation Report:

Download and fill out the Grant Accountability & Evaluation form  within 12 months of receiving the West Coast Community Trust grant.

Please Note : failure to complete this report may result in your organisation having to refund the donation.