West Coast Community Trust

Community Trust Trustees

Trustees of the West Coast Community Trust are: Tim Mora (Chair), John Wood (Deputy-Chair), Coraleen White, Rob Caldwell, Brian Wilkinson, Ruth Vaega, Therese Gibbens, Adam Gilshnan and Natasha Goodwin.

Trustees are appointed by the Minister of Finance for an initial term of four years and can be appointed for more than one term.

The Board establishes the Trust’s objectives, strategies and overall investment and donation policy and review these annually. The Board has a balanced representation from the West Coast region which has community, legal, investment and financial expertise to assist the trust to achieve high governance standards.


  • Tim Mora
  • John Wood
    (Deputy Chair)
  • Coraleen White
  • Rob Caldwell
  • Brian Wilkinson
  • Ruth Vaega
  • Therese Gibbens
  • Adam Gilshnan
  • Natasha Goodwin